Travelling with your Occupational Therapy skills

Being an OT makes living and working in almost any country possible. Your qualifications can be transferred to gain registration in most countries. You may be required to sit an exam or submit an essay, and of course, pay a fee, but once this is done, you can work for as long as you like. You may also stay on the register but if you are away from one country for more than 5 years you may have to apply to practice again.

Travelling as an OT can be a great experience. You are likely to get work in most countries and you can gain skills in many areas of practice. OT skills are still desired in most places. This assists with visa applications if you are no longer eligible for a working holiday visa.

OT is reasonably paid in most western countries. Some people choose to visit other places such as Cambodia or Vietnam where resources are not widely available. You may work through a volunteer scheme but learn many different skills as you try to meet needs with very limited resources. Also you will find people place importance in very different tasks than in the western world.

So go forth into the world, and use your OT skills to fund your travels!